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Kane Undertaker Hines

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[01 Aug 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I hate summer time.

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I'm too Sexy for my fur... to sexy for my fur. [24 Jul 2002|07:32pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

Yawn.... well I promised more pictures so here you go. The pinkskins got some new kitchen furniture and I've claimed it as mine... it is isn't it? After all.. this is my house.. they just live here. Anyways ExMarine woke me up to take some pictures of me... and feeling like the sexy feline that I am... I struck a few poses. But he did wake me up from my nap... so when we were done... I showed him who's boss and knocked over the flower vase that razorotika put up. It was a beautiful thing... flowers, glass, and water going all over the place. ExMarine went bonkers trying to clean it all up quickly... I went over to the couch to take another nap and watch him clean. Other than being a fine butler... exmarine is also a good maid. I guess I've trained him well. Yawn... Time for another nap.... *Purrrrrrr*
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Time for a update [22 Jul 2002|06:59am]

Yeah I know it's been a while since I've updated my journal.... but you know how busy a cat can get with napping, eating, clawing furniture, and prowling the house at night. Besides... do any of you understand exactly how difficult it is to type with fuzzy paws.

The pinkskins (razorotika and exmarine) have locked me indoors for a while, they won't let me out. They keep mumbling something about my injury everytime I start pawing the front door. Seems as though I got in a small tiff with another cat and one of his claw marks on me got infected.... a few days later they to me to the vet... they gave me some "Happy kitty juice" and the next thing I know... I wake up with the side of my neck shaved, and stitches.... bastards cut me. Oh well at least I feel better now. Hopefully they'll let me out soon, so I can go find that cat that sucker-clawed me, and go fuck him up.

Anyways my friends... I just ate, and it's time for another nap.... Enjoy my picture, and when I'm up to modeling for exmarine again, I'll get some more up her for you.

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Happy Mommies Day! [13 May 2002|02:25am]
[ mood | phoooo! ]

Me n mommy gettin' frisky!

Guess what?! I kill a mouse the other day and leave it laying around to pusstulate! Thats always fun. We don't have enough frogs round here.

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[25 Mar 2002|06:07pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

*Yawn* ... another sucessfull nap..... I woke up this morning, crawled off the top of Tim's truck. It was only 5am but dammit I was hungry... so I climbed on his window sill and began scratching and clawing the window while screaming MEEOOOW (Bitch get up and make me some breakfast). Tim finally got out of bed and let me in... I had a nice breakfast, then napped again... Damn but Tim is noisy when he gets ready for work.. doesn't he understand that I need my naps to be undisturbed... the man has no concideration for anyone else in the house... I'm gonna have to teach him some manners....

On another note.... Ladies... you still haven't started to fill my email box with nekkid pictures of yourself.... I'm still waiting.... get on it.... Its not good to make a pussy mad.

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[24 Mar 2002|05:45pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hoi. Im Kane. I want girls to send me nekkid pics thank you.

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